The National team to the Japan Olympic left the country yesterday for a grueling show with other countries of the world. They need all support back home although most of the disciplines will be taken in empty stadiums due to the coronavirus which is reported to be on the increase in Tokyo. They will be joined by senior government officials who will also take their time to hold side talks with other officials and counterparts from different countries. As a country, there is need to keep monitoring the performance of the team and to encourage them to be good ambassadors and to display maturity in every activities that they will be taking. There are cases of indulging in immoral activities which should not be the case with team. Ex-officio with them should be guiding them to follow the right path and only do what took them there. With such exposures already members of other teams have been reported to have disappeared from hotel rooms and were being searched with the Japan authorities having been informed. Good name and behaviour would see some members of the team landing international invitation to compete in other world events. The team should demonstrate to the world that they can compete and be like other countries which have gained recognition in the sporting world where they gained experiences which had made some athletes and sportsmen rich to the tune of millions of dollars. Kenya< Ethiopia and |Uganda are among the neighbouring countries which had produced some famous sportsmen and women of the time. This country can produce the best if there was permanent peace and the youth given a chance to display their talents in what they can do including sports. It should be noted that sports is a pillar to peace as it brings different communities and societies together.

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