Peter James Loruba

The president of the South Sudan National Olympic Committee Juma Stephen Lugga left the country yesterday to Lausanne, Switzerland.

Juma is scheduled to attend the official opening of the Olympic house of the International Olympic Committee which will be from 22-23 June.

The new Olympic House will serve as the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee.

Juma is one of the 260 Olympic Committee presidents invited world over to witness the event.

Joseph Isaac Chol the media associate of the national Olympic committee said it’s is an honour for the president of the national Olympic committee to receive the invitation.

“The Olympic Committee in South Sudan has good relations with the headquarters since South Sudan joined as member number 206. Besides, South Sudan has been very active in the activities of the IOC that’s why the invitations always keep on coming” Chol said.

Juma after attending the opening of the new Olympic House will head to Sweden where he will attend the International Handball conference from the 2nd-5th of July.

He will be the only representative of South Sudan in these two events as he heads these two institutions.

While abroad, Juma is expected to hold meetings in regards to the disciplines he heads back home before jetting back to Juba around mid-July.

In related development the national Olympic week that is supposed to be celebrated in three different towns of South Sudan as earlier on communicated will have to wait a little longer until the president returns.



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