By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Governor of Boma state David Yau Yau said he did not doubt that those who attacked Duk Payuel and Jalle Counties of Jonglei state on the eve of peace celebration day were from his state.

Mr. Yau Yau revealed to Juba Monitor yesterday that the attackers “must have come from his state though they have not appeared in the areas since the attack in Jonglei.

“These youth did not come from anywhere rather than Boma state. They are suspected to be from Boma state though they have not yet appeared up to now,” Yau Yau said.

He said the criminals might have left to Jonglei State while they were preparing for peace celebration in Juba.

“This incident took place when we were preparing for the peace celebration. The attackers decided to surprise us by attacking Poktap and Jalle areas of Jonglei state,” Yau Yau said.

The Boma State Governor stressed the need for the two states to join efforts together in order to ensure that the armed criminals were arrested.

“We can handle such a situation by following these criminals and bring them to law. I am asking Jonglei government to follow up these criminals.  On our side we will do the same. We are going to search at those upper sides of Murram because they are believed to be living in this area,” Govenor Yau Yau explained

He appealed to Jonglei state to help him in tracing the culprits by deploying forces to follow up the attackers.

However, last week Boma State Information Minister Ms. Margret Agolla Aleyo denied that the criminals were from Boma state.

“I can confirm to you that nothing has happened. The youth of Boma are here with us and they are here preparing for peace celebrations. These are false accusations,” she denied.

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