By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Lawyers in Jonglei State have started a process of filing a court case against the Mayor of Bor Municipality, James Gai Makhor for referring to them as “criminals.”

They Law practitioners said that the Bor Municipal Mayor had damaged their reputation when he called them“criminals” during his address to the congregation at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral Church late last month.

President of Jonglei State Union of lawyers, Justice Michael Mayen Maker told Juba Monitor that they had already initiated a criminal case against the Bor Municipal mayor after he declined to apologize to them.

“He told the congregation that the legal practitioners in Jonglei were criminals. This is complete degradation of our profession as lawyers. The mayor stated that since the lawyers were standing with criminals of the land, they are also criminals,” he explained.

Justice Mayen vowed that the union of lawyers was ready to face Bor mayor before the Court.

When contacted for comment, Bor Mayor James Gai Makhor said that the claims made by the lawyers were not right and professional.

Mr. Makhor confirmed that he addressed the congregation over some Blocks issues but he did not call the lawyers criminals.

“The lawyers had complained that the government was giving them hard time to defend their clients but this is not the case. I did not call them criminals but told them not to support those who were holding government lands,” Makhor said.

“It is good to inquire from the government legal administration whether the person had been given such plot or not. If you are just jumping to the issues without understanding it then you may be misleading the community,” he asserted.

Bor Mayor confirmed that he would not appear before the court if the lawyers proceeded with their suggestion since he was a government official.

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