By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Wildlife Authority in Jonglei state has launched an anti-poaching campaign aimed at sensitizing residents on the importance of the wildlife and wild animals in the state.

The campaign under the auspices of wildlife commission targets the civilians and organized forces ahead of the dry season when most wild animals move to open places in search for water and pastures.

Addressing reporters in Bor last week, Major General Zachariah Atem Manyok, Jonglei state Director for Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Ministry said that the authorities had deployed rangers across the state to carry out the campaign.

“We have alerted them to take an initiative for creating awareness to our people and to take their position to protect and conserve wild life as the dry season is approaching. In fact, our forces are in their positions in the counties,” General Manyok stated.

“As the dry season comes, along the eastern side, these are the immigration routes of our wild life as they always come to look for water. In this protection, we have also alerted poachers that anyone found carrying any game meat or intercepted breaching this wild life law, he/she will be subjected to crimes related to national parks, wild life reserves or other protected areas in section 48 whose punishment account in section 26,” Manyok elaborated.

The Director for Wildlife Conservation and Tourism Ministry revealed that there was no need for citizens to kill wild animals since they were the country’s source of tourist attraction as it was seen in other countries.

“These wild animals contribute to our country’s income. Once they are killed, then this will be terrible for our tourists who normally come to visit the game parks for recreation. Once anyone is caught doing such, you will be brought to book,’’ Manyok warned.

According to the report issued in May 2017 by Wildlife Conversation Society, poaching and commercial wildlife trafficking was on the rise as well as illegal mining, timber harvesting and charcoal production in South Sudan.



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