National M.Ps condemns violence in Ngok and Twic

Google map of Abyei Administrative and Twic area in Warrap

By Emelda Siama John

The National Legislature in has condemned the unrestrained communal violence between Ngok of Abyei Administrative Area and Twic of Warrap State.

The MPs came together from different political parties in the national legislature to condemn the savage violence between the two sisterly communities of Ngok and Twic in the strongest terms possible.

According to press release availed to Juba monitor, the national legislature further accused all the politicians who were behind the conflict and who were using their communities for their selfish agenda, saying it was not in the best interest of the communities to fight over internal boundaries as the government would deal with them later after the peace was restored in the country.

“We would like to express our heartfelt condolences to the grieving families who lost their beloved ones during the wanton communal violence; we would also like to make it clear that Ngok and Twic people are one community. Given the fact that they have been in peaceful co-existence for centuries cemented by the long history of intermarriage and fought the war of liberation independence side by side

The MPs noted that the peaceful co-existence was still visible as the two communities were living together, for this reason “we have come forward to make it crystal clear that the recent communal violence that took place from 10-13 February between the two sisterly communities was politically motivated as some of the politicians here in Juba are fermenting it for their own selfish interest”. 

The incitation of the youth by aforementioned politicians resulted into the attacks by armed groups from Twic country, which led to unnecessary losses of innocent lives destruction of property and resulted into burning of the whole market in Aneit,Joijok and Abyei Town. The attacks also led to massive displacement of the people in the area and children.

“We have concrete evidence to that effect that this conflict was manufactured here in Juba, therefore we would like to inform our communities of Ngok and Twic that the politicians behind these are not for the public’s good and they should not listen to them,” the MPs said.

“If it’s the matter of internal boundaries between Ngok and Twic communities as some people have suggested to be the major cause of violence, then it should be resolved amicably without shedding blood of innocent people,” they cited.

“We call upon all the local and international NGOs to resume their normal operation in the area to provide the needed humanitarian services to the displaced people and further urged the councils of state to form a committee to go on the ground to conduct investigation on issues of the boundaries dispute in order to carry out demarcation of the boundaries between the two communities,” the document read.

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