National Dialogue worried over persistent conflicts

By Martha David

The National Dialogue Steering Committee is worried over the persistent conflicts in the Country. Based on the implementation matrix, the Revitalized Peace Agreement guaranteed general elections after 3 years transitional period.

Speaking during the meeting that was attended by different representatives from Embassies in Juba, the Co-chair of National Dialogue Steering Committee, Angelo Beda said the National Dialogue was worried of the situation.

He stated that the proposal and worry came following fear of division among South Sudanese that came as a result of the conflict.

“The National Dialogue is worried to just end like that, without anything, so the National Dialogue proposed and appealed to the African Union to be closed to the elections because we are afraid with this division of ours on the ground, the election might not be free and fair and even if it is free and fair but it maybe doubted,” Beda said.

According to the Revitalized Peace Agreement that was signed in Addis Ababa in September 2018, after three years the country will hold general elections when the Revitalised Transitional Government of National Unity elapses adding that African Union should be close to monitor the elections.

The National Dialogue proposed that the African Union body should play a supervisory role as a main observer in the expected general Elections 2023 after the elapse of the transitional period.

Beda added that in their opinion as committee that election should be supervised by the African Union in order to be able to get right results and to get the person to be the President for a sure peace to prevail.  

Beda appealed to the Government to accept the idea so as to avoid any conflict again in the country.

He also urged the Rome Declaration signatories to come and join the National Dialogue and find a way of how they can participate and go forward.

However, the African Union Senior Political Officer Mashood   Issaka said the African Union is going to do their best effort to make sure South Sudan has a priority of the continent.

He said that AU has the mechanism for monitoring elections and they will mobilize all the resources before the elections and to make sure it is successfully conducted.

Issaka added that he is going to convey the message to the headquarters of the African Union and to make sure the new leadership of the Union also carries forward the conduct of the elections.

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