National Dialogue to resolve USAP internal conflict

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The National Dialogue Steering Committee has confirmed its readiness to address the political gripes that split the United Sudan African Party (USAP).

The committee is expected to meet the two groups on Wednesday (tomorrow).

Angelo Beda the Co-chair of National Dialogue Steering Committee said the meeting aimed at discussing the conflicts within the USAP party that arose recently.

“It was in line with our appeal that why these two conflicting groups managed not to withdraw and they listened until they finished the conference but otherwise with the misunderstanding within their party they would not attend the conference up to the end,” he said.

He said since national dialogue is for reconciliation, and uniting and listening to the problems of every South Sudanese, they couldn’t wait to bring them to get and sort out their difference.

“Today we were ready to listen to them and see their differences of disagreement and points of agreement so that we can iron them out in order to get the party united, unfortunately only one faction under Malek Arop managed to turn up and the other faction under Joseph Ukel and Ajang Bior did not appear.”

Beda said the committee has accepted the claim raised by group of Ukel that the invitation reached them late.

“I call upon the members concerned to unite that party because after all we want multi-party system in South Sudan, we want political space and good democracy and health struggle for power and compete for the services of the people,” he said.

Beda said USAP is one of the biggest parties among the other six political parties after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005 and they cannot allow it to tear apart.

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