National Dialogue to chat cause of land policy

By Martha David

The National Dialogue Steering Committee yesterday organized a two-day technical workshop on land policy and administration to ensure proper and effective management of land system in South Sudan.

The training aims at ensuring prudence and transparency, effectiveness and accountability in land management systems in the country.

Speaking during the opening remarks, the representative of the land commission Robert Ladu said there was need to regulate South Sudan land to develop peaceful coexistence among the community.

“We have a very large land in South Sudan but still it needs to be regulated,” Ladu said.

The opening session was attended by diplomats including Japanese Ambassador and representative of African Union Commission.

Japanese Ambassador to South Sudan Sejii Okada explained that the key among the issues to be dealt with is the land issue, which among others is a key driver to the country’s conflicts, especially localized ones.

He added that it is important to determine recording and disseminating information about ownership, value and use of land when implementing land management policies.

“Developing and adopting clear policies of land management and administration as well as embracing the necessary reforms in land policy are very crucial for comprehensive national reconciliation and healing through the national dialogue process,” Mr. Okada said.

African Union Representative Mashood Issaka Senior Political officer for AU in South Sudan said principal objective of the workshop was to close the knowledge gap on land policy and administration among policy makers and the general population.

“We are laying the foundations for understanding the current disagreements over land, but most importantly preparing to help avert land disputes and potential new conflicts in the years ahead. Thus, this is an extremely worthy endeavor,” he added.

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