National Dialogue should triumph for trust

The ongoing preparatory process for the national dialogue is vital. This idea which has been initiated by President Salva Kiir is very a good political material.

This country has been hit by economic crisis and other upheavals because of the war which erupted in December 2013. Majority of the people in the country are discouraged by the current situation facing the country due to tribal wars and corruption.

Some even have less hope for peace because they believe that our leaders are not doing enough to restore peace and stability in the country.

The main problem facing the country is caused by disunity among our leaders. Our leaders are putting their interest above the national interest. Their priority is to do their personal activities. If someone ask me to say whether we have some few good leaders in the country or not, I will say no, simply because what our leaders are doing will not improve our country’s infrastructure. I will say what they are doing is not for peace, stability, development and democracy.

A month ago, I attended a lecture about issues of national dialogue by the Vice President, Dr. James Wani Igga in Jubek state. In his lecture, Dr. Wani said he believe the national dialogue would solve the crisis. One of the interesting things which he said was that if the parties in the national dialogue disagree on some key importance matters then a referendum in that particular controversy will be held. The knowledge of holding a referendum in case of disagreement in the dialogue will result in failure of the national dialogue itself. There are many people in refugee camps in Congo, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. If the subject of holding a referendum happens without the involvement of our brothers and sisters in camps then the outcome of the national dialogue will not favor its real meaning.

It is known that the national dialogue will address the root cause of the problem that has jeopardized the country.  But the root cause(s) that brought the conflict will not easily be found if there is no trust and forgiveness among the parties who are going to participate in the dialogue.

If we need a serious national dialogue, our leaders should forget their past differences. Trust and forgiveness are the strongest fruits that will put us together in peace and harmony. It is the best vision that will end the conflict which has affected the country badly.

I know most of our leaders in Juba are dancing to the tune of success of the national dialogue. But their dance may not bear any good fruits unless they first forgive each other by putting the interest of the nation and its people above their personal and political gains.

Our leaders need to do more. They need to spread messages of peace.  They need to exert more efforts by telling the truth of what has caused the war in the country and how can it be resolved through peaceful and comprehensive dialogue.

The direction that will lead to peace and stability in the country is not clear because tribalism is still occupying the hearts of many of our leaders. The politics of tribalism is not good and will never be good at all citizens. It will not work here. So, the wrong advisors whether from tribal associates or cliques within the system should now know that the country will be more peaceful and stable if they keep away the negative political concept of using tribal politics which is actually interfering with the system of governance. It is negative because it has subsidized to the conflict that has forced thousands of our people to seek refuge.

There are outsiders wishing to see the continuation of the conflict to favor their own interest. Our leaders are supposed to know very well that there are many enemies of peace in the world. They want us to fight each other so that we don’t benefit from the God-given natural resources. We can solve our problems by ourselves if we really want this country to be strongly united. There is a room for change. There is a room for reconciliation and openness among our leaders. The belief of putting or forcing the agenda of political tribalism to remain indirectly in the system will not unite our people. It makes us remain divided. The mixing of tribalism with politics will not bring us together. Our leaders should abolish tribalism and practice good politics in the country. No tribe is better than the other. We are all equal in the image of God. Trust and forgiveness is the only solution that will sustain peace and stability in the country.

Divided ethnically we fall. United ethnically we stand.

By Omuno M. Otto





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