National Dialogue resolutions and suggestions

By Kidega Livingstone

The National dialogue was formed as an institution to address the communal crisis through dialogue. The leadership of National Dialogue Steering Committee released two documents as the way forward.

One of the document called “national dialogue implementation and follow-up mechanism document” that will ensure timely implementation and consistent implementation of national dialogue decisions. Meanwhile, “building a shared vision for the nation document” will present a vision for reversing the war and devastation and offer a promise for a future peace and prosperity of the people of South Sudan.

Speaking during the national dialogue steering committee meeting  yesterday, Acting  Co-Chair,  Betty   Achan Ogwaro  tasked the members of the national dialogue to study the two documents  which are comprehensive  enough, and that involve the power of the national dialogue  members to  deal  with government  and other institutions in the country.

“We are talking about Institutions that necessary to return the country on the path of peace and stability. We are not working for personality but we are working for institutions for the development of this nation. Go and study the document, digest it and you come back for comments and discussions,” said Ogwaro.

In the implementation and follow-up document   extended to Juba Monitor the national transformation and development bureau (NTDB) shall be established to produce five years plan that will be presented to cabinet and parliament.

Another committee also will be form to jointly organize the national dialogue conference in May every year for the next five years.

However, some of the members criticized the documents because it will allow the national dialogue officials to cross to the mandate of other Institutions in the country.

George Reech a member of national dialogue said the documents are contradicting because national dialogue will be doing the work of the members of national parliament.

“There is no any other way to avoid issues of national level. Let us go home with the documents, we read it and study it,” said member Natasio Loluke.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit formed national dialogue in December 2016 to pave way for realizing participatory peaceful solution in the country.

The National Dialogue process has  offered an opportunity for public to participate in a national solution while the country is undergoing self- destruction because of political and tribal internal conflicts. Through this process of dialogue certain critical decisions  have been made and some consensus reached on key issues to mend the social fabric in the country.

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