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National dialogue more inclusive

Members of the National Dialogue Steering Committee said the dialogue is more of internal interest compared to the Peace Agreement which was external because it was looking at the negotiation and mediation, while, the dialogue is transparent and inclusive with more consultation at the grassroots.

Nartisio Loluke, former governor of Imotong state and a member of the National Dialogue Steering Committee said the National Dialogue process is grassroot oriented and bottom up approach because it involves many people right from villages up to the national level where a number of issues can be discussed based on the truth.

“The Peace Agreement is more external because it only looks at the negotiation, mediation and power sharing between the principal parties but the National dialogue captures a lot of issues and it is inclusive”, Loluke told members.

He stressed that the peace agreement is dominated by the government and the opposition and people at the grassroots know less about the process.

“National Dialogue is for everybody to participate and it is going wider,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, Stephen Abraham said participating in the National Dialogue would reactivate and reinforce the implementation of the peace agreement since the process is long

Early this month, the Director of Communication and Information Unit at the Secretariat, Alfred Taban, said Dr. Riek Machar has said in a letter written to the delegation that, he has accepted the National Dialogue but the implementation of the peace agreement should come first and the national dialogue comes next. The delegation of the committee went to South Africa this month to get the views and opinion of Dr. Riek Machar but it was not able to meet him.

The Steering Committee members are still for their seminar that has so far taken one week where members discussed about the national dialogue and the peace agreement while experts gave members the lessons and experiences in the implementation of national dialogues from other countries and practical skills for mediation and conduct of national dialogue and on facilitation of grassroots consultations.

By Kidega Livingstone

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