Cover Story

National Dialogue last hope for citizens

By Opio Jackson

The National Dialogue is the only option to restore the unity of South Sudan and as well to address the numerous grievances of her citizens, the Head Chief of Liwolo in Juba said.

Gabriel Moga Baba, who is also the Deputy Chairperson of Council of Chiefs in Yei River state warned that if we fail to implement the recommendation that shall be made during the National Dialogue then our country shall ever be in conflict. Baba said people must be allowed to speak out what is in their hearts.

He said this time people should admit their mistakes so that the country moves forward, “It is not easy to accept the truth because it is very hot, but if one is a nationalist, one will take it positively despite being hot”.

Baba acknowledged that there are some people who don’t believe in the National Dialogue simply because the crisis that have displaced millions of people and lost thousands of lives was caused by the SPLM party.

According to Chief Baba, SPLM party was first to, address and review itself before calling for a national dialogue. “This fighting was started within the SPLM and for the National Dialogue to succeed the party must find out what is their problem exactly”.

Baba said, though fighting among the SPLM party was in their lifestyle since during the bush time, it was unwise that they continued with the ideology even after the independence.

He continued that this time during the National Dialogue, the SPLM should demonstrate to the whole world that it is a freedom fighter, but not just a slogan of liberation without its connotation.

“The twenty-one year war of liberation was not fought for nothing,” he said. “We must sit down in the national dialogue with a good heart of reconciliation to take our country ahead,” Baba added.

He said the people of South Sudan had started struggling  since in 1922 and it was only in 2011 when God granted to them their freedom, adding that it was “very unfortunate” that two years later some of us started to play with the freedom given to us by God after long years of struggle.

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