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National Dialogue kicks off

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Hundreds of South Sudanese and diplomats from various embassies have attended the opening ceremony of National Dialogue yesterday at Freedom Hall in Juba. It began on3rd of November, 2020 and will end on 15th of this month. Under the theme: “come let’s dialogue, come let’s heal our nation”. For active participation, members were invited from different states and diplomats within Juba City to witness the opening section and may be some of them would continue with the rest of the programmes in the coming days.

 The programme started with the word of prayer and expected to end also with the word of prayer from Christians and Muslims faith.

 The aim of the prayer was to ask God to guide everybody who is participating in National dialogue, to ask forgiveness from God and reconcile with one another. The expectations of the participants were to see the resolutions of the conference implemented after the National dialogue. 

There were musicians who performed Congolese and South Sudanese with local songs to entertain participants in the Hall.  It was historical day for the people of South Sudan to sit together and discuss national matters. Participants were expected to talk with transparency for the challenges facing the country, for example the issues of economic crisis and sustainability of peace to mention few of them.  The Governor of Central Equatoria state Emmanuel Adil Anthony welcomed the participants on behalf of the people of the State. He reflected on the active participations of the last conference of Greater Equatoria State. And he encouraged participants to talk in transparent manner for the welfare of the country.

During the opening remarks, leaders were advised to put the interest of the nation first, instead of their interest. People of South Sudan need to resolve the issues of the country and open new chapter in the dialogue. The dialogue was expected to support Transitional Government of National Unity, and determine next stage for smooth running of the country.

Good resolutions of the conference would put the country in safe side and end all differences among the leaders. Japanese Ambassador in South Sudan said the government of Japan is committed to support government of South Sudan and it would stand behind its leadership. That was to maintain bilateral relationship of sisterly country. Other diplomats said South Sudan has been in conflict for many years, it was better to conduct dialogue to end differences in the country. There is trust among the leadership which would push the young people to have trust too in the country.

It was the responsibility of the leadership to stand behind the young people. Why people of South Sudan were divided some years ago, what identity they would show now in this dialogue is very important for next stage. Leadership would listen to the voice of the grass root people.  They should take action in what is supposed to be done for the welfare of the country. It was suggested that, the President should appoint youth as presidential advisors in the country. The diplomats in the conference acknowledged the national dialogue and assured success for the people of South Sudan within 15 days of national dialogue.

They believe national dialogue is the complimentary process to sustain peace in the country during transitional period.  This dialogue could be good example to other African countries to help them in doing better in leadership. In this conference there is hope that the issue of Upper Nile government should be resolved amicably. The problems of security would be solved to bring the country to stability.  However, the Sudanese peace celebrations conducted last month was aimed to bring final peace in the country.  It was said because of this dialogue importance.

May God bless us all.

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