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National Dialogue is every body’s responsibility -Governor

By Moses Gum Degur

The governor of Eastern Lakes state Bor Wutchok Bor said the National Dialogue was not meant for steering committee but it’s everybody’s responsibility.

He said there was need for all South Sudanese people to own the National Dialogue as the only means of solving problems and restoring hope to the nation.

He said the dialogue was not meant for the steering committee alone but for all the citizens of the country to iron out their differences.

Bor said it is meant for all people. It is a prerequisite for all citizens to own it fully and have the sole responsibility to use as a tool to address issues.

He revealed that because it is everybody’s responsibility, his state started initiating conferences for local communities to begin dialoging with one another as a mechanism of solving disputes among themselves.

“This Dialogue is not only for steering committee. It is for all of us. If it is for all people, and then there is no need to wait for state steering committees to go and call for conferences. State authorities have to take that lead for Steering committee to get them on the way,” he said.

“Because of this that is why I and my government came up with the idea to initiate conferences before the national dialogue committee come to the state as the only means of easing the work and to widen the consultations processes,” Governor Bor added.

He said there is need for state authorities to help talk with people of their constituencies preaching the importance of the Dialogue rather leaving the matter to the hands of steering committee.

Governor Bor said he believe dialogue will give room for more negotiations between two or more parties to the conflict, as well as to describe either the more informal process of communication among opposing parties leading up to consultation or to processes that aim at avoiding an escalation of conflict, without any concrete ambition to reach a concession.

He further added that through this national dialogue it will be a chance for members of various communities to iron their differences and give amicable solutions in a bit to end long term cycle of revenge.

“It will be an opportunity for various communities across the country to solve their long outstanding differences. For example there are some communities who have conflict for years. This chance to do so,” he said.

He said the dialogue is not only for parties to the conflict but it is to solve any problem within the society for people to live in peace.

This is a historic initiative done by our government so far to solve problems brought by conflict. The National dialogue is hope for as the only tool for conflict resolution and political transformation in the country. It can broaden debate regarding a country’s trajectory beyond the usual elite decision makers, he lamented.

For dialogue to become successful there is need for people to strengthen the processes with consideration for international actors to support this progression.

Citizens should know that National dialogue is a popular tool for conflict resolution and political transformation.

He alleged that the concept of the National Dialogue could be a synonym for formal negotiations between two or more parties to a conflict to promote understanding, whether it aims to change actors’ identities and interests, or whether it merely seeks to avoid the escalation and the use of violence.


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