A foot for thought

National Dialogue day three

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

On the third day of national dialogue, Co-Chair Hon. Angelo Beda welcomed participants and Mama Rebecca Nyandeng, Vice President for youth cluster who talked on the importance of national dialogue. She thanked President Salva Kiir for initiating national dialogue as one of the important ways for putting country on the right position.  Preside Kiir should own the national dialogue with good and bad result which would come out as the resolutions of this conference. She further said if people talks in such manner, it would lead to sustainable peace and will bring development in the country. It is because Nyadeng has seen the contribution of participants in the dialogue.

 She said in this conference, we should also know what has divided us as citizens of one country sometimes back. That could be the point on what people are here for dialogue. Based on the points being raised by participants, they are making history for this country, Nyandeng notice the capability of the delegates.

The Vice President said, from the beginning she was against national dialogue, she thought it was bad but now she has seen the important of it for nation healing. She came to understand it and said who is she not to join the discussions if majority of citizens were in the conference hall. That is why she came because of that and wants to see peace in this country.  She need to be forgiven for what she might have though negatively about national dialogue as human being she is not perfect that is why asking for forgiveness.

She went on to say that South Sudan has been in long conflict, it was because we were being used to fight ourselves, “this is our country, why do we need to throw it out.” The problems of South Sudanese have to be resolve by them.  As we own National dialogue, we need to heal ourselves in this conference. The neglected groups in this country are youth, women and children that is why some of them becomes street children.

We likely neglected widows whom their husbands died for the sake of this country.  The other concern was that Government is not providing employment to the youth, old people occupied positions, and youth are idol. 

If we come out with good resolutions, we can be able to develop this nation.  Let us unite ourselves not by tribes but as people of one nation.  President Kiir gave this opportunity; it is people who make nation powerful not leaders. If we need this country to move, let’s employ skillful people than employing people who cannot do anything.

Still you can follow me in national dialogue for the coming days.

May God bless us all.

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