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National dialogue day ten

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

On day 10 presentation was made on foreign policy, it drown a lot of discussions in the Hall and people commented on how to improve regional and domestic policies in the country.

  It was commented that South Sudan is one of the richest country with its natural resources, it attract many people from the regions to have interest for investment. We are supposed to maintain our relationship and look forward for what would benefit the country, like attending regional meetings and other events. We should stop the way we are thinking of joining East Africa Community (EAC) in a negative manner.

We cannot say South Sudan is still young country that is not true. We are capable to participate in regional meetings and develop our country. If we want to talk on this topic we need to know our national interest like the issue of security. We need to see national identity; anything about domestic policy would end with country development not corruption.

Foreign policy is our history with other countries since South Sudan had server conflicts. We had countries that supported us in peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Khartoum, Sudan and others. We need to recognize them and church leaders who stood with us globally; and support us for peace process. That is why we need to appreciate African countries during these periods of wars. However, our relationship with Sudan is different because we have the issue of Abyei at the border; we need to agree on how to solve the subject of Abyei with Sudan government.

On the other hand, we need to establish institute to train diplomats with foreign policy in the country so that they know how to handle foreign problems.  We need also to keep our natural resources and use it in good way, and expect in the near future, South Sudan would be like other countries in the world. Addition to that we need to resolve our problem with Ethiopian government on the issue of border.

  We want to have qualified diplomats to handle the affairs of EAC or any country in Africa. On the matter of diplomatic passport, it was said that we should have policy of issuing diplomatic passport to the officials and their families.

However, with a lot of problems we have in South Sudan, we need to own this country and participate in its development.

Nevertheless, for presentation on day nine on the role of private sector in the country, it was said that land should be allocated to the widows and compensate properties of war victims. Government should encourage widows association to help them support the families. Government should build senior house for old age people, in various places. In the village, it should be built near the house of the chiefs. Government should open rehabilitation centers and orphanage where the children should be taught religion to allow them grow in good manners.

There should be law imposed for men who impregnates young girls and abandon them or let them to suffer or died.

It was resolved that authorities should form committee to go to the camps to see the situation of IDPS and refugees in the neighboring countries. Authorities should remove guns from the hands of civilians and Provide security in the areas where they are going to live.  Land commissions should provide land to refugees and IDPS. They should provide schools, health centers to all refugees and IDPS locations in the country. Government and UN agencies dealing with refugees should support them in the process of repatriation for their return.

The Ministry of Agriculture should provide farming tools, seeds and other activities to enable the IDPs and refugees settle.  People should be advice to encourage intermarriage among communities to reduce community’s conflict.

You can follow me in the next story with national dialogue.

May God bless us all.

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