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National dialogue day ninth

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

On day ninth Presentation was done and participants were divided into groups for discussions on different topics. Before telling you about the report of day ninth, I would like to present to you some points mentioned on day eight which are important for you to know. It was about the role of private sectors.

Participants from the groups said that any private sector should register its business and should have all legal documents qualified him or her to operate in the Country.  It was mentioned that neighboring business have affect South Sudan businessmen because majority of them have big shops.  It was also resolved that all contracts of South Sudanese that involved foreigners should be given to the national only.  For example water tanks contracts should be given to South Sudanese.

Water should be treated very well for human consumption because majority of people are using it for drinking.  It was reported that all challenges are happening in the country because; authorities are not paying attention into what is going on in the country. Foreigners have over thrown business in the country, several of them operate illegally.

Women in small business were congratulated for competing with foreign women in the markets. They place items together with other women from the neighboring countries. It was said that most items being brought to South Sudan are mostly expired, our Country has become a dumping ground for unwanted goods.

Therefore, it was recommended that for country to be stable in business, government should sustain peace, protect markets and have clear business policy in which priority is given to South Sudanese.

Government should compensate vulnerable people who were affected due to sever wars in the country.  Government should implement business acts to stabilize business in the country; small business is to be left to the nationals only.  Foreigners should not be allowed run jointly business with locals. Women and youth should be empowered in business by supporting them to run small enterprise and this can be done by applying business law or to establish law that protects local business in the country and control prices in the markets.  All drivers working in government institutions, private sectors, local and international Organizations must be South Sudanese only.

There would be monitoring group in the markets, to see the inflation of prices in the country. Foreigners should have accounts in USD and South Sudanese Pounds in the banks. On th3 South Sudanese who are in the diaspora they supported national dialogue efforts and participated on line. They said refugees in the neighboring countries should be supported and that is what people in the conference suggested.  Also it was recommended that the country policies should be reviewed and opportunity given to youth in all sectors.

 South Sudan economic should be improved, by stopping unnecessary inflation created by dollars exchange rate, and this will eliminate high cost of items in the markets.  Freedom of press is one of the objectives this conference stressed to be implemented.

You can follow with me in the next stories.

May God bless us all.

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