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National Dialogue day five to seven

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

On day five to seven, participants discussed many documents among them were the matter of governance system, land, local administration, borders and others. It was said that in every country there would be owner of the land, and rules governance land in the community. If a person is living in any community land as an individual, he or she should respect the rules of that local community. They should not consider that the land is belonging to them.

Land should not be given to the government, because those in the government are the most corrupt people. They will take the land and consider it their own. This has happened to many countries proved as corruption done by individuals in government, who have highest positions. The same idea can work for South Sudan. If change is needed in land law, it would take time.

However, it was not easy to discuss the issue of land. It is sensitive in a way that people were being killed in the land issues in various communities. It caused hot discussions with confrontations in group and in the hall.

It was suggested that Women should inherit land of their husbands and the rules should be put clear in the law. The issue of South Sudan is that there is law but implementation is difficult, which is causing problems in government policy.

One of the points raised was that, if any person have problem of land, it is to be finalized in the national dialogue instead of going and saying it outside which couldn’t be resolved in good manner.

In border’s issue, it was said that South Sudan has boarder dispute with Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and other countries that caused problems with the leadership of those countries.

For Kenya, it was realized that, some government officials contributed in the issue due to personal interest; especially in Western Equatoria State, it made it difficult to solve.

In Sudan, it was found that Abyei belong to South Sudan, it is in the border of the two countries between Sudan and South Sudan. The leadership in those countries discussed the issue several times but still unsolved. Although the agreement between those countries said no country should enter in South Sudan boarders, it is still solved because of natural resources in some areas at the borders.

Resolutions from the members said that there would be offices established for border Commissions; to monitor and study the case, budget should be availed for that matters. Recruitment of youth to fight at the border issues, establishment of security committee in the country for emergency with neighboring countries. Authorities should get documents from archives to follow up the border issues in Khartoum and other countries.  There would be joint committee from the neighboring countries to solve the issue of boarders. Communities should stop fighting with the issues of borders which would bring conflict with the neighboring countries.

Countries that enter to the territories of South Sudan should be advised to live in a peaceful way.

For the above mentioned subject to come to an end, the role of media is very important to give right information to the public.

In the report about local administration in the grassroots, it was resolved that the administration of local chiefs should be respected. Guns should be removed from the hands of civilians in all the ten states. Politicians should not interfere in the administration of local chiefs. Killing of chiefs must stop in the states if guns are removed in the hands of civilians.

Customary law is to be taken to the parliament, for example if somebody killed a person, what would be done to him or her according to the law.

Customary laws should be separated from the Judiciary law.  As people are going to federal system, law should be reviewed.  Politicians are killing traditional laws of the country by imposing things that did not exist in the local administration.

The law of South Sudan was set during the time of CPA, up to now it is not implemented, whose responsibility. Chiefs should be protected in the level of the community. You can follow me in the coming stories.

May God bless us all.

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