National Dialogue dateline March, 2020

By: Anna Nimiriano

According to the report published in the newspaper yesterday, Angelo Beda Co-Chair of the National Dialogue Steering Committee said that the dateline to finalize National Dialogue will be in March, 16th this year.  However, it is good to have dateline as it was began with definite date of ending it.  The main things we have to look in to are the objective of the National Dialogue. It is achieved as it was planned from the beginning.

National Dialogue has done a lot of things that improve this country. Dialogue between States allowed some issues to be resolved, especially cases which the locality could not meet the President and directly and bring it to his attention. But the national dialogue did not address all the issues completely. Some people are demanding their own States.

What would happen if the office of national dialogue is closed and the two parties don’t finalize other problems that they have started? Other issues were discussed by the staff of national dialogue.

If the two parties agreed on the numbers of the states and boundaries, there would be no many problems. People get freedom of speech only in the conferences conducted by national dialogue in the three regions, that is to say greater Upper Nile, Greater Bahr El Ghazal and Greater Equatoria last year. Some participants are waiting for the solutions of their problems, how is it going to be solved? All problems of the States came out as a result of creating more States in the country, where some tribes were seen as marginalized in their own places.  All those problems were created by politicians for their conflict of interest on the positions they are holding. I am sure some people may have follow up cases, where would they get the members of national dialogue if the office is closed? Among the staff, maybe some of them are going to be jobless, is there positions to be created for them to continue doing work. The concerned authorities need to have answers for this question and put it into consideration.

 National Dialogue staff has made history for peace building in the country; we need to appreciate them for what they had done not through them on the streets. Some voices have been put in radio were recorded during national dialogue conferences in those regions. Therefore, let the formation of transitional government being done on the dateline proposed in peaceful manner so that the office of national dialogue would be changed to “peace building office.”

May God bless us all.

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