National Dialogue Conference set for next Month

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The National dialogue conference is set to take place on the 16th of March just weeks after the formation of the government of national unity.

Angelo Beda, the Co-Chair of the National Dialogue while addressing the African Union Security Council revealed that the conference would attract South Sudanese from across the country.

“The conference will attract over one thousand South Sudanese, religious leaders, chiefs and this will happen days after the formation of the unity government,” said Angelo.

Angelo explained that during the conference, the National Dialogue will present its recommendation to the government.

Mohammed Arrouh, African Union Ambassador from Morocco assured the National dialogue body that their recommendation would be submitted to the council.

“We have seen positive signals and political will from all the leaders but above all the South Sudanese have a great role in moving the country forward and the future lies in your hands (South Sudanese)”, said Mohammed.

Mohammed revealed that the African Union Security Council visited South Sudan for solidarity ahead of the formation of the government in days to come.

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