National Development chair ignored other media houses

By Okan Thomas

The chair of the National Development Strategy review process on Wednesday recognized only one media house amidst others which angered several journalists.

This was during the launching of the National Development Strategy review process that was attended by the Minister of Finance and Planning at the Ministry of Investment.

Dr. Lual Deng who chairs the review process said that he was disappointed by the low turn up of the members of the press whom he expected to participate in the review process in large number.

“Let me start by saying that I am disappointed by the low participation of our press, the media houses, because I understand that this workshop is for them. I am glad that Radio Miraya is here, please go and quote it that Lual Deng is so disappointed because in other countries, whenever the Minister of Finance calls for a press, the journalists would be there before his arrival,” Lual said.

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