The national chamber of commerce, industry and agriculture, should not take a back seat when things are not going on with one of its own branches. There is something which is not right between Jubek State branch and the one operating within the umbrella of Juba City Council. There seems to be something that needs the attention of the high office. This something is better explained by both chairpersons of Jubek State Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Cosmas Tombe Wani and his city counterpart Marcello Swaka Lako. Simion Akue should not sit comfortable while there is a problem at hand. At one point the state chamber accused city council of taking over their responsibilities. Chamber as a private institution has its operations line drawn to suit their cause in promoting trade and business. It is not clear how a branch could be operating under the umbrella of city council which is a public institution. If there was an initial arrangement like that, then a line should also be drawn to ensure there was no encroachment or overlapping of responsibilities. This should be done gentlemanly without washing ditty linen in public. What this later stand to achieve is to divide and confuse the business community which cannot be allowed. The council should also know their limit in administering such agreement and give room for smooth operational achievements. Both the council and the chamber should collaborate instead of advancing what seems to be a division of interests. After all both institutions are service providers to the public in whatever form they operate and owe them accountability for the services provided. It cannot be the other way because the public is no longer interested in drum beats and tunes that are of no value to the country. It is time to forge ahead and work as a team in public service delivery. This should guide the council and chamber.

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