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National Chamber gets new care taker body

By William Madouk Garang

The South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture(SSCCIA),a private enterprise,got a new vibrant provisional body chaired by Dut Dut Yel with mandate to run the office affairs till the upcoming elections.

This came after the members of general assembly passed a vote of no confidence from former leadership under Benjamin Bol Mel who overstayed in the office without elections conducted since he was re-elected in 2010.

According to the caretaker, the general assembly conducted a series of meetings with remaining executives of previous office and they authorized them to take the helm of the office comprising of 11 delegates to take duty immediately.

In a press conference on Sunday, the new chairperson of National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Dut Dut Yel said traders had suffered multiple issues under former deposed administration among which was the failure to conduct elections, negligence of duties and lack of favorable atmosphere for traders.

“The caretaker body under me Dut Dut Yel, will exert to give a complete job, work of traders, of country and in elevating economy in the Country alongside general sector,” Yel said.

“Traders have suffered all this period of time and the Chamber of Commerce failed to create a conducive environment for business people in South Sudan,” he added.

He stressed that previous administration had severely failed to handle the issue of Nimule – Juba road because they did not bother themselves to travel to Elegu and discuss with truckers as part of their mandates.

“WeSSCCIA don’t have link with politics, but we are more concerned on investment, uplifting the economy and capacity building for traders in the country,”

“I want to assure our traders that the caretaker body which you have chosen at the ministry of Investment, will stand and support you and work on how to create a favorable environment for national traders to get their place in the market,” Yel stressed.

South Sudan National Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture is the body representing and advocating for the private sector in the Republic of South Sudan.

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