National Bureau of Standards launches campaign

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan National bureau of standards in conjuncture with Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) yesterday in Juba Day Secondary School launched a standard products campaign under the theme, ‘’Making cities and human settlement inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”.

The major purpose of the campaign was basically to eradicate the dangers of harmful imported goods consumed in the Country. The campaign was for the safety of citizens in the Country and how they would use health mechanism to avoid contamination.

Speaking to Juba monitor in an interview, Liza Nelson, the Director for International Relations said the campaign carried out was an awareness to the citizens in regard to how safe they would be in relation to the standard and the qualities of products consumed.

‘’Our mandate is to educate our citizens on how goods should be handled, consumed and kept in clean places for health purposes. Our major goal is to assure citizens to buy, sell and consume products of a quality standard that cannot contaminate their environment leading to health complication’’ She said.

Furthermore, she reiterated that they played a big role in examining imported products in their national laboratories before taken to the market for sale.

‘’We play a bigger role in testing most imported goods from the neighbouring countries to South Sudan ensuring that they are of good standard for the citizens’’ She added.

However, Gloria Nyoka, the Director for quality assurance and inspection at the national bureau of standard said, the event was celebrated upon the World Standard Day which is celebrated every 14th of October every year.

She mentionedthat the National Bureau of Standards would be conducting this awareness for the period of one weeks in Juba. However, they had targeted markets, schools, hospitals and slaughter houses as scopes of their campaign.

‘’The campaign will continue for a week targeting markets, schools, hospitals, slaughter houses and other areas of concern’’ She narrated.

In the same function, the Director General for Finance and Administration Majak Deng Kuol said, the campaign carried out would help students to take cautions upon product consumption.

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