The National Parliament has broken down the budget for 2017/2018 into governance, security and economic clusters, said Chairperson of one of the specialized committees.

Paul Yoane Bomju, the Head of the Information Specialized Committee said the 25 specialized committees will work on the budget break down which will be presented  to the August House by next week.

“The 25 committees will analyse the speech of the Finance Minister during his recent presentation of the fiscal budget which will be compiled for the second reading,” he said.

According to Bomju, the budget will be presented for the second, third and fourth readings when it will be passed.

“The budget will take us 21 days before being presented again on the second reading based on the announcement made by the speaker”, he said.

He said there are always challenges preventing them from passing the budget on time, saying for this year it had been delayed due to the formation of the standing specialized committees.

“The budget this time is not going to be like previous years,” he said. “We need to know how Ministers are going to use the money and report back to parliament whether the money is being misused or not,” Bomju said.

By Rose Keji Benjamin

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