National Basketball Federation decries its leadership foul

By Lodu William Odiya

South Sudan Basketball Federation’s General Assembly has blamed its President Luol Deng for his failure in conducting annual General Assembly meeting.

According to a report, SSBF president Luol Denghas never been responding to letters sent to himby the Secretary General of the Assembly concerning annual meeting.

Speaking during SSBF General Assembly press conference yesterday,the General Assembly Secretary General, Andrew Akuei said that the General Assembly needed SSBF presidentLuol Dengto brief the members on future plans and development of basketball in South Sudan.

He said that since the election of SSBF president in 2019, there was noelections that has taken place within the country.

He further said that the General Assembly needed to meet with the SSBF president, the Secretary General and Finance to conduct the annual meeting as mentioned in their constitution.

“We have been writing letters and conducting a lot of meetings as the General Assembly, but Luol didn’t attend any of the meetings, if Luol failed to meet with us, there will be a decision. We were the ones who brought him as president, it is our decision to either take him away or let him stay”, he said.

The Assistant Coach for Yirol basketball team, Mr. Kau Marial said that the factors that led to failures in conducting the annual general meeting was due to the lack of commitment of the SSBF president.

“The administration is not doing what is needed by the General Assembly, the President, Secretary General and the Finance has not met us the General assembly. We would like president to meet the general assembly so that we can discuss about the development of the regional basketball teams”, he said.

He urged the SSBF and the General Assembly to take sport activities as the first priority in south Sudan.

 Marial added that South Sudan is not just a mere place, but a country andthey wanted it to be known by other world through the sport activities.

The conference was attended by SSBF General Assembly representatives from states within the country.

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