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National Audit Chamber launches strategic development plan

By Morris Dogga

The National Audit Chamber (NAC) on Friday, 22nd September 2017, launched a two- year’s strategic development plan on how to carry out its activities.

The document was developed with the help of experts from Uganda who were in the country as part of the IGAD support for capacity development.

The key aspect of the document is a roadmap on how NAC intends to strengthen its operational independency.

Leonard Kerezya one of the civil service support officers who helped developed the document said it is important in such a way that it helps the NAC in recruiting staff-members.

“There is no way the Ministry of Public Service can recruit staff for the National Audit Chamber and at the same time are being sent to audit the ministry,” he said.

Mr. Kerezya said it is all about embracing how can NAC move to another level with regard to how it complies with other international bodies or standards.

The document also suggests that the Audit chamber can increase coverage to other areas. The document defines ways on what aspect is needed to bring out to execute the mandate of the Chamber.

Mr. Kerezya said the document also includes how to communicate with the stakeholders, and how the auditors can try as possible to produce Audi reports.  He disclosed that the document is to bring the NAC work to international standards of audit level.

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