The ongoing in the national assembly is not healthy for the development of the country. It seems to be creating a monster in the minds of the public. Surface to say that at this moment and time, it is not what the population wants as it is geared towards creating division in the political and public sectors. There must be truth and honour in handling some issues before bringing them to public domain. The august house is the one institution mandated to pass laws that are governing the country. It has to protect all irrespective of their status and cadre in society. It is farfetched to be the arresting officer, the prosecutor and the judge at the same time to pass sentence against fellow-being before proven guilty of the offence. This is what some members of the parliamentary caucus are doing to speaker Anthony Lino Makana without an iota of what repercussion could be within and outside the political arena. It is not in anyone’s domain to question the process of law but any law applied selectively is not acceptable even if it is from the floor of the august house when it does not meet the threshold of the country’s interests. Witch-hunting is yet another form of draconian laws applied by those who are bent to causing or creating anxiety in the society. There are laws in this country which should guide anyone and everybody to lay bare his/ her concern to the right channel and authority. Not to gang up under the pretext of the standing order or the law of the country. What the country is being subjected to witness by these members of caucus cannot pass the test of time and are meant to further divide people who are already walking towards achieving collective goal of peace. It is dangerous because no one should claim to be clean until it is proven beyond doubts.

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