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National Alliance Political Parties refute Dr. Elia’s MoU


By Morris Dogga

The National Alliance Political Parties headed by Kornelio Kon Ngu has refuted the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the national agenda Political parties last week.

The National Agenda political parties headed by Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro signed a MoU between his allies on collective political work for reinvigorating their political stance.

In a statement seen by Juba Monitor Newspaper, Kon said his alliance was dismayed because some of the persons who signed the MoU were not the representatives of the political parties that were in the Coalition.

Mr. Kon said in the statement that some of the members forged their membership and signed the MoU, calling it a violation of the Political Parties Act.

“It is a clear indication that the boat of their politicking is sinking deeply into the lawlessness. This forged act cannot pave a positive way for peace in a time where everybody is expecting peace as soon as possible,” Kornelio said.

This is the second condemnation of the MoU signed by Dr. Elia’s coalition.

Last week, Joseph Ukel Abango who is also a member of the National Agenda also denounced the National Agenda led by Dr. Elia.

Mr Ukel accused Dr. Elia of running a parallel National Agenda.

The MoU was signed by 12 political parties that included the United South Sudan Party (USSP) that was represented by James Dharuai Mabor.

But the National Alliance said Mr. Mabor was not the representative of the Party as claimed by Dr. Elia.

The other parties that signed the MoU were the United Democratic forum lead by Bona Deng Lawrence and United Sudan African Party represented by Joseph Malek Arop.

Mr. Ukel had also refuted the representation of his party by Mr. Arop.




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