National Alliance leader called to step down

Moses Pieny Deng, a Member of the National Alliance Council and the Secretary General of the United Democratic Front (UDF) speaks to Juba Monitor on 6/4/2019 (Photo: Moses Gum)

By Moses Gum

Some members of the National Alliance of Political Parties have called on Kornelio Kon the party leader to step down.

Moses Pieny Deng, a senior member of the Alliance and the Secretary General of the United Democratic Front Party (UDF) said the term of their leader expired and there was need for him to step aside.

Pieny said this in an interview with Juba Monitor on Saturday.

“We the members of the National Alliance want to see our chairman Mr. Kornelio Kon Ngu to step down because his period has expired,” he said.

He said as stated in the National Alliance Charter, the leadership is rotational for every four years.

According to Pieny, the current leader is not cooperating with members of other political parties while accusing him of inconsistence in work.

“Our Chairman Kon has been working alone. He doesn’t cooperate with the members. He was told by IGAD and JMEC not to work alone but all these efforts by partners were unfruitful to him,” he stated.

The members accused Kon of dictatorship which they said does not represent the will of all the members.

Pieny claimed that the party leader is empowering his party members at the expense of the whole National Alliance.

“Whenever there is a vacancy or people to be nominated and recommended, he only selects his people of the party. This is unfair since he act on his own will without consulting members of the Alliance,” he added.

However when contacted for comments, Kornelio Kon Ngu denied the claims that his term had elapsed.

He said the Charter did not specify the term limit for any incumbent body but revealed that it is upon the Alliance members to decide whom to assume the office in a given time frame.

“The Charter did not specify the term limit for me to step down. Incumbency depends on the members to either remove or maintain the chairperson in a given time frame,” Kon said.

He maintained that he is still a legitimate leader despite claims by some members in the Alliance.

He denied the accusation by the members that he was not cooperating with other political parties.

“If anybody has serious concerns against me, he or she has to raise their points in the plenary sitting,” he said.

Kornelio Kon Ngu is the Chairperson of the National Alliance of the Political Parties in South Sudan. He is also the leader of National United Democratic Front (NUDF) party and the current Deputy Minister of Agriculture and food Security.

National Alliance is an umbrella of more than thirteen registered political parties in the country.

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