Nartiso urges Bule community to reconcile

By: Elia Joseph Loful

Chairperson of National Dialogue Sub-committee for Eastern Equatoria, Nartiso Loluke Manir has urged Bule community in Juba to forgive one another as they enter a New Year.

“My message to all of you is that you should now forgive each other and forget the past. We have to enter New Year with a new spirit,”Loluke stressed.

He was speaking at a function organized by Bule Community in Juba, from Western Lopit County of Torit State on Wednesday.

The event was attended by government officials, Bule elders, youth, and women

He cautioned the members of the community to celebrate New Year responsibly to avoid injuries and loss of lives, saying many death cases often result from ignorance and excessive consumption of alcohol.

“This celebration people are going to enter into can turn to many things, in a family like this last year many people lost their lives through accidents and other things,”Nartiso cautioned.

He pointed out that there was a failure in the leadership at the grassroots level adding that he would not hesitate to single out mistakes committed by leaders in the country.

“Therefore, everyone here as we celebrate this New Year, we should acknowledge our mistakes and repair the country,” he stated.

Charles Akulino Chairperson of Bule payam in Juba called upon his community members to unite in order to foster development.

He urged leaders at the occasion to cultivate the spirit of togetherness and shun away pride which divide people apart adding that they should work for peace.

“I appeal to our leaders who are here in this occasion to unite and live in peace and harmony. I want you also to avoid pride and tribalism,” he said.

He said development could not be achieved if there was no unity and love.

The chairperson instructed women not to allow their daughters to be married off early before they could complete their studies.

Payam administrator James Loguta working at Longiro Western Lopit County headquarters said there was an increase in hunger among Lopit communities.

He asked the Lopit community in Juba to extend their hands to support people in the village.

Loguta warned that the locals may scatter if the situation was not curbed soon.

“I am appealing to the government and to you people in Juba in order to help your people in village. This coming year 2020, there is severe hunger with people at the Lopit Mountain. This is because of heavy rain flooding and locust have destroyed all the crops,”Loguta warned.

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