It is unfortunate that some regional and international institutions that are mandated to monitor and help in restoring peace have chosen to throw blanked accusations to parties’ signatories to the agreement. This kind of accusation does not go well with the general public who expect to have audited account of each institution. Too much talks and conferences have been the order of the day at the expense of service delivery which creates doubt in the minds of many whether these institutions are doing their work or not. It is time to have these organizations tell the citizens what they are doing instead of talking from the haven of the town centre. The role of these institutions should explicit even to the common-man since in most cases they overlap and confuse the public with repetitions and totalities. Accusing these parties of atrocities without singling out or naming the culprit does not help the situation and leaves the public without proper information on the ground. Some of these institutions are making noise to be heard so they could be judged as working hard while the truth is that they have been in slumber land.  Having spent a lot of time talking and signing papers, the watch-dog should be able to complete their work by now and they have to remain around. They should be helping to harmonize the peace agreement situation on the ground. They should remain relevant and do what is only relevant within the peace agreement. Any utterances that might pit brother against brother or sister against sister at this time when the country is doing all its best to stand in unity should not be encouraged. The institutions being funded by international communities to monitor the peace process must live beyond trivialities and point a finger straight to who is not toeing the line towards peace instead of generalizing the situation. This is how the citizen and the country will see them as doing their work.

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