Nambiapai market reopened

By Baraka John

Nambiapai market border to Democratic Republic of Congo resumed following the killing of a Congolese soldier on Sunday last weekend.

On Sunday during the incident, Western Equatoria State government deployed organized forces to restore peace and deter any possible outbreak of tension along the bordering area.     After Congolese soldier was reported gunned down by a South Sudanese police man after argument between the two over telephone issue.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Commissioner of Yambio County,Hussein Enoka Ibrahim said that one woman was also shot in a crossfire while six others injured including three Congolese.

“Theincident sparked fear between the two communities of the bordering Countries.The State government has notified the national government about the incident, saying that both the state government headed by the governor will soon travel to the border of DRC where the incident occurred to meet with the government of DRC to resolve the matter and tighten up further bilateral relation,”

He added that Western Equatoria government has launched a search for a suspect in order to be apprehended “we shall inquire from him why he shortCongolese soldier” Hussein said

He revealed that the incident would not affect bilateral relation between the two neighboring Countries because community of Western Equatoria coexist with Congolese community along the border. The two communities trade between themselves at Nabiapai market which is the border between South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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