The fact that Kenya Airways has resumed flights on the Juba Nairobi route is a big relief to citizens of both countries. A number of Kenyans are working in this country and a number of South Sudanese resides with some working in Kenya. They all have relatives on both sides and the only easy means of communication is the airline. Kenya airways is among the major contributors in the economic growth locally and regionally. It is a relief as passengers who had been stranded in Juba and Nairobi due to the coronavirus pandemic breath sigh as they prepare and plan to travel to see their loved ones whom they had not met for a long time. Although the airline has resumed flight among others, there should be no laxity in carrying out the preventive and protective measures as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the ministries of Health in the two countries with full knowledge that Kenya has the highest COVID-19 cases in the region. Care must be taken at all time with strict measures of monitoring travellers put at all the entry points. Indeed there is need to jump-start the economy, but there is equal need to protect the lives of the general public who are the major contributors to the same growth. Coronavirus spread in the region has brought to almost a total stop of activities that are geared towards development and growth not only here but the world-over. As passenger flights start operation there should also be cargo planes which should be bringing the much needed basic and essential commodities for domestic use. This could equally help in reducing the continued price hike of such goods by traders who have been capitalizing on the prevailing situation. Above all law and order must be maintained and the public protected against misuse of the flight resumption where some people had coined ways of smuggling or human trafficking across the borders.

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