Mysterious fire razes shops to ashes at Malakia Market

By William Madouk Garang

A mysterious fire engulfed Malakia market last Saturday night and razed down several makeshift shopsand properties worth thousands of South Sudanese Pounds, however no injuries were recorded.

According to eye witnesses the blaze had started at 9:00 PM, and one woman who was sleeping in her shop magically dashed out after she felt the heat of and survived.

The inferno burnt a row of about seven shops which were located behind Malakia Police Station includinga wads of cash, electronics, and uncalculated amount of goods were destroyed in the fire incident. 

The glare could have spread to other shops if not the intervention from the fire service men whoextinguished the infernoand saved property worth millions from been razed.

During the spot check by Juba Monitor Yesterday, some disgruntled shop owners who were exchanging views in conjecture allegedly said that it could be conspiracy to hurt their businesses.

“Yesterday night (Saturday) when fire broke out there was a businesswoman sleeping in her shop out of sudden the heat awake her and narrowly escape for her life,” eyewitness narrated. 

“The way this fire erupted indicated that it was a well-planned things because the fire just flare up as if a patrol was poured into it, there is no way a fire which started alone could spread in such speed,” one of shopkeeper lamented.

However, shop-owners who were affected did not disclosed why and who could that person be or what could be the motive of razing down their businesses centers.

During the spot check also there was a demolition going and most of makeshift shop at Malakiamarket area were completely being winkled out but without being clear as to who was behind the demolition there.

Juba Monitor’s efforts to reach police were not successful by  press time.

On Thursday last week, three people succumbed to death in a fire out break at a prostitution cottage in Gudele (1) toward Hai Referendum.

People blamed the out break on reckless smoking and irresponsible drinking habit among prostitute. They further called on authorities to demolish these dens to avoid such scenarios.

On February 2021, a fire razed shops and businesses in Jebel market which led to loss of properties worth 20,000 Dollars though no injuries were documented.

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