#My Views about friendship “Easy to meet and easy to quit

Odongo Odoyo


WITH Odongo Odoyo

(Guest-Akol Arop Akol)

This slogan describes all what am going to write here but let me still break it down for a better understanding. It is easy to get a common thing to open up a conversation with strangers and we surely get to know each other and be connected by hobbies, ideas and characters.

Friends are good because they comfort us, advise us, help us in many ways and Inspire us. Some are so caring and loving more than relatives and that’s why some people rely so much on Friends as source of happiness or success.

When coming to my side, I rarely spend time with friends and that’s the nature of introverts, they can spend time alone thinking about something to do in life.

I am a guy who could not sit to talk about failures or mistakes of a friend, instead if I feel they went wrong, I talk straight to them. I always feel like a relative, Advisor and big brother to my young friends. They advise me if they see me indeed, some help me in one way or another.

If I separate with a friend it could either because of long distance and no communication channel but not because we become rivals.

I prefer to quit friendship if it goes to a different level that affects mindset, personalities and goals.

I am a friend to everyone but a few are my friends that means I can treat everyone with respect and care but they are the one to decide what I am to them.

I am busy, but that doesn’t mean I have no friends or don’t like being with people. I have friends who are still with me since Primary to University level.  Don’t let friendship be the stressful reason to be sad or devalued.

Friendship doesn’t have borders or limitations, it happens anytime between any people and anywhere. Friendship can build trust between business partners, it can let a stranger stand by your side and support you in one way or another. Sometimes they become part of our relatives, however, once given power to give us advice or participate in decision making, they may mislead us to a wrong direction. So there’s a limit stage not to depend a lot on friends.

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