Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

There are things which are very hard to understand in life but not impossible to achieve. This is why one has to live within his/her means and ability to understand the concept of life. You need not to be critical players to know or understand the whole game. It is on time taken to study and learn the game that can make one the best among others.This is why in my dreamland which is always surrounded with all honey and manna from my living father above.I thought my yesterday was the best but today I realize I was blind. I thought I made the best decisions yesterday but today I realized I made wrong decisions. I thought I was knowledgeable enough but I realized I was just a little fool. Day by day, I realized the mistakes I did yesterday and corrected them. I have learnt from mistakes and I get better everyday. The sad thing though is I cannot reclaim time lost in doing mistakes but I believe, I can make a better tomorrow. As long as I still have life in me, I will make it to the greater height. I am thirsty for more knowledge and improvement. Are you with me in my skull of thought or you are walking parallel to the other destination through the opposite direction. People have different ways and approach of doing things, but one’s success depends on the inner feeling and faith to achieve the goal. It should not be who is supporting who. Actually, the destiny of your life can only be chatted by you and you alone. Another character which must be part of you is that of being a listener and a good one for that after which you be able to select or choose what is better for you than being diverted by unfriendly atmosphere who pretend to be your friends only to see you tumbled down in the ocean. Many times, we take free advices from friend for granted just to realize later that we had seriously goofed. How deep we regret later. I keep on wondering why we do these things which we can stop doing and instead advance our priorities in life. We are all duty bound to make our lives better than what it was yesterday. The only agony is that, do we all have the capacity that could propel us to the goal. Still some of us stick to the old habit which we do not want to let go without any better reasons but just because we found them being practiced, we must  not let them go. No, it is the 21st century where the analogue has been swept under the carpet and new technology brought on board. We can actually examine ourselves and say that “l thought my yesterday was the best, today l realize l was blind”.

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