My target people to reach

By Akol Arop Akol

People outside there are different. They have their respective reasons for seeing the newspaper. Some see only the headlines and say they have now read the news. Some only see Sports news, opinions and cartoons and get satisfied.

The question is that, do those people make good use of the newspaper or the news in general?  Am I talking to who and why? When I write here, am sure am speaking to my age mate.

People called youth are my target. I need to share my views with them, advise and inspire them through writing. As they are the group of the people who are often affected in the society, there is a need to talk on their behalf to address their challenges that are facing them.

Indeed people may have hardship which would force them to talk and need someone to help them. Who would be their voice? This is why people like writers and other role models of different fields always act for the rights of the young people.

My duty as a writer is to air-out my voice and that of the youth. And when am talking here, I know am heard and my advice is understood well. People can be willing to talk but it would be difficult to hear them at once. They need to sit down, discuss and find a representative to act on their behalf.

Being a youth shows that every challenge facing the young people can also affect me. They need encouragement, they need to be given direction and motivation in order to stand firm in life.

There are a lot of obstacles that block their way such as poverty, illiteracy and abuse of rights. I then take the call as a patriotic citizen to preach the messages of peace and instill the spirit of nationality in every heart such that people would love, depend and build their country.

I know very well that the work through media sometimes dose not reach other people because of poor communication channels, ignorance and illiteracy. This makes hard to communicate with the target group. Most of the privilege people are those in town because they have access to getting news from internet, TV. Radio and Newspaper.

How can we then include the rural residents in getting and sharing public opinions? It is through us all who have chances. I am talking to you the lucky one who can afford to get news daily.

I encourage and urge you to be an aspirer and inspirer to others. It is not everyone that get everything. If you get, let your fellow brother and sister share with you.

Go out there as peace disciples and preach the messages of love and unity instead of misinterpretation that causes tension among people. Forget about your age or what you do, what is so important is your role as a citizen.

Learn matters and tell others. When you are inspired, you also need to pass it on. Preach peace to your people. Listen to news, read your paper and forward our words to your relatives, friends and neighbors.

Tell them what we are talking about and how important it is for you and them. Let us educate ourselves by sharing and leave the culture of selfishness.

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