Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I want take a special opportunity to thank a friend and a good one for that matter who has been so helpful to many in and outside the country. His gesture and commitment to human nature stands above among other people of this caliber. This is one man whose doors remained open and who could forget his diplomatic position to interact with others freely of topical and socio-economic matters. The term of S.D. Moorthy, the India ambassador, is coming to an end and he is leaving the country for other hopefully possible national assignment. This is one man who has been free and never shy to the press. He is one man who did his job well and many can attest to this that he initiated and brought closer home a number of beneficial scholarships to fresh students and even public officers. These are realities that cannot be wished or washed down under the table. The ambassador had a farewell luncheon organized by the India community in the country. He personally invited me but as his usual manner, l thought he was reminding me to send someone for coverage not lunch in his honour. This is the typical of this man, the soft spoken heart but with strict and strong belief in diplomatic cooperation. The gates he has opened should remain open for knowledge from the two countries to be exchanged in good faith to let the same flood in with hope and aspiration to our youth. Believe me all diplomatic mission have one thing or another they are good in. For Moorthy, education and economic empowerment has been his desire for the country. He has never had time to say no to any appointment and this could be witnessed and supported by the youth he personally invited to his office and others, he communicated with through other forums to find out what they would want their future to be like. It is this kind of heart that can build a community or a society. It is this kind of heart that would make the youth wake up with hope knowing that something good may come their way. It is with this that a country can know and understand who the real friend is and above all, it is this kind of heart that can propel the growth of a country to the height. Ambassador Moorthy will surely be remembered but as the dust settle down the predecessor who is yet to come, may prove to be even better if and only if he followed the foot step of the out-going diplomat. For Moorthy and his family, let the peace and love always be among yourself and the people you are leaving behind and who have been part of you during the tenure of office in the country. May the almighty continue making you shine in whatever you touch and whatever your future assignment would be. When you visited us yesterday with your son, Balaji Moothry,you mentioned that you are not gone forever as the world has become small. Let it remain so and let us continue communicating.

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