Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I have the niche to determine the good from the bad when it has not come into being. It is sometime called sixth senses or is it seven now. The burden of proof is yours. I am out of it because sometimes back l did wonder why some people were not ready to take the early advice from the government to move to further uphill to avoid the expected flood before it all started. The most reason being advanced is that nobody wants to move away from their ancestral inheritance. True there are those who are glued to this belief and cannot take a chance to leave such backgrounds whatever it takes. The facts of not heeding to the early advice and warning are now real and glaring openly unto their faces. Flood has hit over 600,000 people mostly in seven states. The real picture of what is going on in these places came to me when l had a chat with my friend Gatwech Peter Kulang, the undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management who in his own words urged the international community to come out and support the government in containing the situation by providing possible assistance that could save lives and property. One can just imagine how the 600,000 people affected can survive. The government has injected all support possible but still the need continues to grow high. Surely the action needed must be collective. Future planning should take the lead to help avoid repeated occurrences. With planning and public awareness people will start to understand the need to protect themselves before they are hit with such disasters. In most cases not only here but in the continent people do not take weather focus seriously. In developed countries, people live and walk with the day’s weather focus and one can only ignore it at individual’s peril. Wrong weather focus short or long term have seen some weathermen heavily penalized. We need to be keen and follow what the weathermen, commonly referred to as rain-makers, predict for the day and the future.  But still the general public should be brought to terms to understand their roles in helping the government face their situations. They have to abide and listen to the wise voices that are telling them to do the right thing at the right time. They should not wait until it is too late instead of helping themselves from such situation early enough. For now let us all join hands to help the government succeed in providing the necessary basic requirements that those affected required at this time in point. They are our own and part of us. They cannot be left in the present situation without assistance. Their predicaments are even made worse because of the deadly coronavirus which has affected every part of the world without any remedy of cure in sight. We are hoping that the almighty will soon provide remedy and the pandemic will be a thing of the past and people will start living their lives again. But not now because the pandemic is real and the flood is also real.

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