Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It was a chilly morning with cool weather and shower dripping slowly. As my habit demands, l was awake and ready for the office at 6.00am. A young man called to tell me that since it was raining he could not make it to the office on time. It did not bother me a minute because I had come to be used by such excuses. My only answer to him was that “people must eat even when it rains”. My mind raced back and came into being with a post my kid brother Kephas had sent to me which read in part. “The chairs in churches think we went to heaven. Now the ones in bars think we got saved”. This young man, my brother is a senior pastor. This message was meant to tell me and my likes that whichever way, the coronavirus lockdown was real and in place. My consolation came few minutes after hearing that the government under the leadership of President Salva Kiir Mayardit had promised to lift the banning of church gathering. Among the reason(s), is how long the pandemic will take since the cure was equally not in sight any sooner? This news came as the World Health Organization (WHO) in its latest up-date included this country as one of the case study on coronavirus among other countries in the world. What WHO did not expound on is whether this is a positive move and if so what are the likely benefits. Time and again l have maintained that this virus without cure is dangerous and preventive and protective measures must be taken at all the time. Indeed there is need to lift some bans for the sake of economic reasons. This however, should not be used as finality to solving the COVID-19 problems the world over. The leadership of the churches should take into account all factors that could create more cases within their folks. One of the neighbouring countries did lift the ban and on the second day it was like marathon with increased cases of the virus pandemic. They were forced to lockdown again movements in and out of the city to avoid what could have turned out to be more disastrous to the general public. I am feeling for the majority publics who were still restrained and who have been severely hit by the economic clampdown. Time has come that while some areas of economic growth and some areas for necessary gathering were being given consideration on humanity, there was still that need to remain vigilant and careful for all purposes. This is the fact that can let us understand the effect and the fact of coronavirus. Faithful who will be joining their fellows after lifting of the ban should have these facts in mind and be seen to be behaving responsibly. It will help us and the country at large.

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