Editorial and commentary


With Odongo Odoyo

During my days in lower schools l dreaded two subjects, history and mathematics or arithmetic for that matter. I did not however how to show any sign to my father then, now, the late, because l new what would have been his reaction. This man my father was synonymous with Kahawa Barracks and was among those who had a glimpse of Burma not as tourists, but soldiers. You can understand my predicament. So when this colleague of mine who is on his final thesis came to ask me questions bordering towards history, l was a bit reluctant but had to put up a professional face to satisfy his ego. His question which caught me off-guard was “Yaba when was the white house built and when was the oval office added”. I did not see or understand the relevance of the questions and l tried my level best to answer because the world being a global village some answers were at finger-tips. White construction started sometime in the early 1792 and the oval office was added to it in 1909.”President William Howard Taft made the West Wing a permanent building, expanding it southward, doubling its size, and building the first Oval Office. Designed by Nathan C. Wyeth and completed in 1909, the office was centered on the south side of the building, much as the oval rooms in the White House are.The President’s Desk. Many presidents have used the resolute desk in the Oval Office or their study in the Residence. It was made from the timbers of HMS Resolute, an abandoned British ship discovered by an American vessel and returned to the Queen of England as a token of friendship and goodwill.” I must take this early opportunity to tell my friends in and from the Donald Trump land that while l am not an authority in their internal affairs, there are a lot of interests to know and understand what, why and where does this house which wield world power get its power from and if there is any power house in the world like the white house in the capitol hill, Washington DC. The building has housed almost all US Presidents except George Washington who mooted and oversaw its construction but did not live in it. It is sometime profitable to learn and understand your surrounding and environment. It is important for one to expand his/her knowledge in all aspects of life. One should be prepared to face the world with adequate and concrete knowledge of national and international issues. It is wrong to get engaged in matters that one does not understand and pretend to be an authority on issues one understands less. My take is that read..read and read and understand the reading because it is your shield for future protection. In a number of occasions l have met many people, some good friends who yearn for reading and learning. I have always encouraged them to read and be bookworms. It pays at the end because one can reason and behave like someone who understandsthe current socio-economic issues. In the absence, one is bound to remain mediocre, frail and afraid of handling important issues. To my colleague, the thesis-mania read and l hope my answer will contribute to your doctorate status. Read and Read.

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