My experience in china

I arrived in Beijing on the 21th February, 2019 to take part in a ten months training program under the China International Press Communication Centre (CIPCC). This was my first time to go to China and of course it was winter time.

Growing up in South Sudan, I had only known China for one thing-the Kunfu Movies-especially those movies acted by the martial art legend, Jackie Chan. I did not know that what China has was more than just the Kunfu Movies. Of course those movies that kept our Childhood very awesome.

The hospitality of the Chinese people ever since the first day I arrived at the airport was mind-blowing. To be honest I was warmly received at the airport. I didn’t expect that warm reception given the kind of stories I was told about China.

In my first days, it was really very difficult for me to communicate with the Chinese because I could not even speak or understand a single Chinese (Mandarin) word. Whenever I want to buy some items in the market or buy some food in the restaurant, I had to use mobile App Translator or just point at the items. It was really very interesting experience to see two different people who don’t have a common language trying to communicate with each other.

After sometimes I started learning some Chinese Basic words like ni hao, zhao shang hao. By the way I can now speak and understand some of the basic of the Chinese language, thanks to the Teachers in Beijing International Chinese College (BICC) for the Chinese Language Lectures.

As a foreign Journalist, I had the opportunity to visit some parts of China and I encountered some mesmerizing events and experience throughout my trips. Those trips have given me an opportunity to better understand China. That has changed my thought about China.

Firstly, what is unique about China is that every city varies from each other in one way or another. There is always something unique about every city. The cuisine, infrastructure, historical sceneries differ from one region to another. 

From East to West, North to South; China has recorded a very enormous development in different areas such as E-commerce, the Transport system, Agriculture, environmental protection, engineering, Energy among others.

China has also positioned itself among the top Countries in Scientific, economic and Technological development. It has become one of the leading countries in Artificial Intelligence Development (AI), Robotic innovation and it is also home to the world fastest Trains which by the way I enjoy traveling in a lot.

During my ten months stay in China, I have seen that their Culture and tradition is the main vehicle for China’s economic and technological success.

Cultural experience

I visited more than 10 provinces during my 10 months stay in china; I observed that Culture and tradition is the foundation of Chinese development. The way the Chinese talk, the food they eat, the way they dress and the way other related activities are organized are all based on their culture.

The Chinese have embraced their identity and have refused to incorporate other cultures. They upheld their cultural heritage as an important factor for development. For the Chinese, Culture is important as they look at where they came from and where they want to go.

Cultural dynamics are employed to make people behave in a particular way to attain sustainable development. This starts from infrastructure, education, science and technology. 


This year, China celebrated their 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China In 1949. China use the occasion to showcase its achievements over the past 70 years. I was very lucky that this historic event found me in China.

It is no doubt that China has made a significant progress over the 70 years. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), China’s economy is now the world’s largest economy by purchasing power parity.

Under the leadership of the Communist party, a total of over 80 million people have been lifted out of poverty since 2012.  All these achievements have been made possible because the hardworking Chinese love their country.

To me this is one of the most impressive achievements that the Chinese people have done. From nothing, the Chinese agricultural sector now does not only help feed developing countries but also other leading world powers. 

The love for their country among the Chinese people really impresses me. During the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, I have seen that when it comes to national issues, the Chinese put their Country first. There is nothing greater than the country.

For Chinese, nationalism is supreme in developing their country without foreign intervention and influence while encouraging national unity.

For a traditional society like China, any vital choice concerning social and economic life starts from the grass roots and is determined by the people. They understand their origin as the source of their strength. 

Chinese philosophers construe communist principles in cycle with their culture, uphold it above capitalism to support agricultural productivity to feed its citizens and achieve self-sufficiency in food production. 

The Chinese red flag flies in every government building, historical sites. The flag design features one major star and four smaller ones, representing the unity of the country and leadership under the communist party.  

Visiting historical sites

One of the most memorable Chinese ancient treasures I visited was the great wall. For me hiking the “Great Wall” was one of my best experiences in China.

South Sudan is primarily made up of Tropical forest, swamps and grasslands. There are few mountains, but the most interesting thing about Climbing the ancient Wall is that it looks very simple but it is actually very tiring and exciting. The length, altitude and duration are not truly realized until you have seen and experienced it in person.

I count myself lucky that I had the opportunity and experienced to see a wall that has survived for over 600 years. Being part of the people who have seen and climbed this Historic wall was one of the best highlight of my stay in China.

I also visited the site in Shanghai where the Communist Party first held its congress. It was also one of the memorable visits during my stay in China.

In conclusion, I would say that as far as the countries that I have visited are concern, I have always felt at home in China.

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