My big dreams

By Akol Arop Akol

Everybody should a patriotic son or daughter of Junub, a land that took the souls of many aunties, uncles, mothers, fathers, elderly and friends, a land that was liberated by brave men and women who didn’t fear gun or death. They did their duties to make sure the young ones that would be born including me shall have equal rights and opportunities to work, live, love and enjoy in joy and tranquility.

When hearing sad stories about our freedom fighters, I feel lost in silence and pitiful pain throb my heart, I sometimes tell myself that my personal grief or that of my people after independence is not like during the Liberation years.

People suffered in the past and hoped to enjoy after being granted the right for self-determination. Yet unfortunately, the suffering resumes and continues up to today.

I find myself challenged and expected to do my part in order to complete the journey to freedom, justice and equal opportunities.

For this reason, I am struggling at my young age by using writing as a tool for preaching peace, reaching the youth of my age to realize their abilities, duties and rights. Some would listen to my little views and others may ignore. Some friends are watching helpless, speechless thinking am aimless.

Maybe because of being young, they think am beating a soundless drum that no fan dances to. But they must know that a drummer doesn’t dance and enjoy because he is busy beating the drum to call people and among them, they will be another one to learn how to beat the drum, that is called inspiration.

But my dream is not narrowly for a clan or an individual, it is bigger, and it is a long-term dream rooted in my heart that no matter what circumstances or human belittles me, I will manifest it in light and reality.

When so much concerned about public or country issues, people see you like a mad, depressed or wise-taking man but with strong passion, I believe the bystanders, bypassers, the oppressors will be the witness on day during the time of success.

Am writing too much and singing peace into the ears of every man in this country. God will let the deaf hear and blind see what is affecting their lives for long.

Let not the informed ones dwell on ignorance, they should learn matters and tell others. It is the hatred and jealousy that dig holes in our boats and we start sinking in waters of bondage.

There are people who misunderstand and misinterpret, they only prefer to insult, judge, ignore, oppress or reject someone saying truth or educating them on important matters due to their misconception and expectation of interest that cannot be fulfilled.

Anyone after a change should be more than a person, and should not give up for being hurt by any human who lacks heart of humanity.

It is my dream that one day I will represent my family, my community and my country.

So I wish to tell the fellow and the world that at the grassroots, there is a young man with big dreams and hopes.

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