Muwanga crowned Mr. Kampala Body Building and Fitness champion

Laweka Muwanga (second left) the winner of Mr. Kampala Body Building and Fitness Competition 2018 to 2019 (Photo by Martin Manyiel Wugol):

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

Mr. Laweka Muwanga has been crowned winner of the Mr. Kampala Body Building and Fitness Competition on Sunday.

The 2018/2019 Mr. Kampala and Miss Kampala was organized by Uganda Body Building and Fitness Association.

Speaking to journalists after being announced the winner Mr. Laweka Muwanga congratulated his contenders and urged them to work hard next time.

He said in every competition there were always winners and losers. “I won today but tomorrow can be someone else and life continues,” he said.

Mr. Muwanga walked away with designed trophy, satellite dish, decoder and more essentially brown envelope sealed containing some cash dedicated to the winner as appreciation for the job well done.

The second runner was given satellite dishes and gold medal as appreciation.

Miss Kampala winner Linda Nanozi told journalists that she was honored and privileged to be crowned Miss Kampala 2018 to 2019.

“The award was a special gift to my family and instructors who made sure that I worked extra hard to meet what judges wanted to see in my body building,” she said.

Miss Linda called upon African girl child to drop the culture of considering women only as house wives and start thinking outside the box. She said women have the capacity and ability to deliver like men.

The President of Uganda Body Building and Fitness Association Mr. Hajji Twoho Ddungu urged both the losers and winners to accept their results and abide by the ruling made by the judges.

“You should think critically why the judges didn’t give the losers an opportunity of winning Uganda Body Building and Fitness Association. The issue is simple go back and continue to practice your body building fitness definitely you will be the next winner,” he said.



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