Report released by UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) last Saturday indicates that more than 2,000 people have died of Malaria in the last six months. This in itself is very alarming and indeed creates dangerous situation in the country. It has taken the UN body sometime to compile the report and have it released to the public. We as a country can only thank them for bringing this to our attention. The remedy lies with us and friendly partners. What is disturbing however, is the fact that we have a National Ministry of Health which under normal circumstances should be in the fore-front of taking care of such situation and informing the country on preventive measures accordingly. This is not the case although the UN report sends a chilling message across the board. Over 2,000 is not a small number for a developing country like ours. It cannot be wished away or kept under the carpet. We still remember vividly the case of measles vaccination which killed more than 16 children in Kapoeta. How this big number can perish in six months and our health experts are just silent beats all the logics. We cannot not be a Nation which cannot protect the health and life of its people. It seems like someone is not doing his work well in the Ministry and that somebody is being paid by tax-payers money for his service delivery to the public. People entrusted with public offices should be above reproach and carry themselves with dignity of serving their country. This is a call up warning. Dr. Riek Gai Kok, something is not right in your docket. Please find out what it is before the country is plunged into miseries of more loss of life. It is what the Minister can do to the people of this country as a gesture of service delivery.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


I am a bit hesitant to inform our own friends of what really happened during our football match with Bakhita Radio team. I am hesitant because none other than our own friend, SaTP imposed himself as the head coach. The man has not been in the pitch for more than ten years and he called himself striker. What a heap of racket. This man thought by being the head he was going to gain some kwachas. He is known for that and will go where there is money no matter whether he knows the game plan or play or not. He arrived at the playing field earlier than anybody else and started calling others. His intention was to have crowd ready so that he can lead them to the promised lunch. And indeed by 12pm he was calling to know where the lunch would be. The match was to start by 4pm which was some hours ahead. This is our SaTP he did not get the cash but did not miss the eating and he made sure of that. We have people outside there like our SaTP who will stop at nothing until they get money in whichever way or form. We have them in our midst and they will always be there and get what they want even if it means through crooked way. SaTP was almost to qualify to this level but somewhere he remembered he had a mission to meet one called IGP and he did not want to meet this man who is commonly known as the catch –man when he is suspected of doing wrong things. This man on order could simply and easily lock him up. It was not yet his time to experience this kind of a situation. He came to realize that crime does not pay and if one has to live a peaceful life in the society, he had to be clean like a snow or ice. Someone in IGP’s docket had made a clear statement that “security is our own responsibility”. Whichever form of security in our country was our own responsibility. So for one to rely on foreign security or intervention was a farfetched thought which should stop at the gate or entry point. The security of our country remains our own first priority FULL STOP. And not negotiated. SaTP listened to our arguments and made. This is a true story “a pregnant woman was seated under a tree very thirsty and she needed water but there was no water. Suddenly she saw some drops of water dropping the tree. She took a cup and started tapping the drops. When the water got to half the cup and she was ready to drink, a bird came and knocked the cup down so the water was spilled. It happened three times and the woman felt very bad. She took a stone and killed the bird. After the bird had died, she saw a big snake coming down from the tree. So she discovered that what she wanted to drink was really not water but poison. She felt so guilty that she had killed the bird that saved her life. Sometime God is like this bird to us. He knows when we are about to take poison but we get disappointed when actually; he is trying to help us. May be what you thought was water, was poison. Drop the pain because there is something better for you. Or what do you think?


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