Muslims traders urged to reduce prices during Christmas

By Taban Gabriel

Muslims traders in South Sudan have beenurged to reduce prices of their goods during the Christmas season, as Christians are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

The director of Islamic Relief South Sudan,JumaTombe said Muslimswithin the country should cohabit with their fellow Christian brothers by joining them in celebrating the Christmas so as to promote religious harmony.

“We should allow our Christian brothers to also celebrate this Christmas with a smile at least by reducing the prices of goods for them,”saidTombe.

He that relationship between the two religious groups has always been good for years urging the same should be continued.

Tombemade this remark during the celebration of Eid al Mulid (birth of prophet Mohamed) day held in Juba on Monday.

On the same occasion, Sheik JumaSeid, the leader of Muslims community in South Sudan appealed to all Muslimsto pray for stability and peace in the country

Jumasaid if there were peace in the country, religious celebration such as Eidal Mulidwould not be limited to only one particular place.

The leader of the Muslim community commended his fellow Muslims and Christians who joined them in the celebration.

He appealed to all faithful to shun the language of division

The youth representative at the event, Abdel KarimTongun commended the effortsmade by his fellow youth in supporting the Muslim religion.

This year’s EidMulid was celebrated under the theme: “Support Peace and Development in South Sudan.”


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