Muslims in Jonglei complain over grabbing of their land

Muslims Mosque in Jonglei State, Bor built in 1960s (Photo by Manas James Okony):

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Muslims community in Bor town of Jonglei State has accused the authorities in the state for allegedly grabbing the Mosque land close to the state secretariat.

They claimed that the plots of land were being given out to an individual by the authorities of Bor Municipality.

Mr. Ibrahim Geu, the Secretary-General for Islamic Council in Jonglei State told Juba Monitor on Tuesday that part of their land was sold out to someone by the state government without their consent.

”During demarcation of Bor town in 2007, the Mosque was not demarcated. But recently as we wanted to build fence around it, we realized that parts of the land including places for homes of Imam and ”Ma’azan’ had been sold to someone with plot No. 22,” Mr. Geu said.

He stressed that the Muslim community rightfully owned the land in 1962 when the Mosque was built in the area. “We are appealing to the state authorities to give back the land,” Mr. Geu emphasized.

Mr. Geu revealed that the two Islamic schools in Bor were also removed by the state government after demarcation of Bor in 2007.

On his part, Bor Town Mayor James Gai Makhor admitted that the state government including himself were aware about the complaints raised by Muslim community in Jonglei State.

However, he pledged that his office was working hard to resolve the matter, saying their complaints had been approved in 2010 by the former governor.

“I am asking the Muslims community to give me one week so that I go through the documents. Our people and I promise to resolve the matter peacefully,” Makhor said.

Jonglei Information Minister Atong Kuol Manyang equally assured the Muslims community in Jonglei State to remain calm as the state government was committed to settling their grievances amicably.

‘We are all aware that the Mosque was built in the 1960s and the land around it belongs to the Muslims. But for other Muslims who are claiming plots around the mosque will equally be compensated like other non-Muslims,” Ms. Manyang said.




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