MUSLIM-To gov’t guarantee peace in the country

By John Agok

The Muslim community yesterday urged the government to ensure that peace and security was guaranteed and upheld across the country when they converged to mark the three days festive season of Eid-al Adha celebration.

Speaking during the occasion, the General Secretary of Muslim Council Sheik Abdullah Baraac who led the celebrations at Zahra Ground emphasized on unity and upholding peace in the country amid Eidal-Adhaperiod and beyond. He also called on religious leaders including from other denominations to shun segregation of women‘s participation in faith or worshipping.

“I call upon religious leaders to avoid segregating women participation in social gathering especially religious worshiping. It is against human rights and we need to uphold peace by supporting our government to maintain such stability,” he stated. 

Juba Monitor caught up with fellow Muslim worshippers during the gathering who shared their joy and happiness as they celebrated the festive season.

 Ramadan Abbas said that, “Muslim all over the World are marking this day in the light of joy and faith in celebrating Eidal-Adha”. He noted that, the Muslim brotherhood and sisters were sharing meals together with their neighbors from denominations”. 

“TodayMuslim brotherhood will be sharing meals and gifts among their neighbors especially the poor people. It is ideal to share with the poor at this particular moment as this is the essence of the festival”, he said.

Abbas 16-year-old called for peace and tranquility to prevail inthe country to allow citizens to continue with such celebration.

“We urged the government and citizens to maintain peace and stability for us to continue with such celebration in the Country,” he added.

Amida Hussein appreciated the gathering but said the issue of security was important in the eve of such celebration without interruptions.

“We wish to have continuous peaceful atmosphere without further insecurity when celebrating Eidal-Adha throughout the country,” she stated.

However, Sebu Suleiman the American South Sudanese admitted that, he first prayed here in country after living for 30 years in South Dakota,USA.

“I am very glad to have joined this festival in Juba after 30 years in South Dakota in the USA. I will begoing back tomorrow (today) with my family to tell our brothers and sisters to come back home since there is relative peace in our country,”Suleiman said.

Mr. Suleiman with three wives pledged to return to the country if the peace dividend continues to reign in the nation. 

“You can see my families are here with me.We are travelling tomorrow to USA and I will be back with them if there is peace and security in Juba,” he added.

The gathering was attended by sheik and high-profile government officials including Security advisor to the President Mr. Tut Gatluak Manime.

Muslims community including philanthropist Miss Achai Wiir donated gifts of goats among other items to Juba inmates on Monday. 

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